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Premium Support Features

Help package or premium monthly support

We can help you with the series of issues that need to be fixed or provide you with premium monthly support

Configuration Questions

Get professional help in configuring and setting up your OJSonline journal, including modules, payment providers, languages and more

OJS Installation + Configuration

Our experts can help you install and set up the latest OJS version, module updates and theme updates*

Bug fixes and troubleshooting

Module not working properly? Let us help you fix your problem

Trusted Certified Experts

Get premium support from the same team who helped build OJSonline.

Guaranteed response time

We believe time is important, so we handle all questions within 48 hours

What do customers think of premium support?

We are grateful to your team, which in 2 weeks transferred our journal to a new version with an archive of articles and allowed us to start the process to join the Scopus database

Elena Rylskaya

Elena Rylskaya

Chief Editor



Journal with our free modules


per year


  • Domain Name (
  • Hosting journal
  • SSL certificate
  • Initial content (about the journal, privacy policy, documents for authors) + 1 demo article
  • Installation of the required additional modules
  • Registration in search engines
  • Webinar on the journal performance and its administration

Deadline: 3 days

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Journal Transfer

OJS 3 new version


per year


  • Logo design, color palette of the site, the journal’s cover
  • Transferring the archive of articles from other systems or old versions
  • Transferring content from other systems or old versions
  • Webinar on the journal performance and its administration


Deadline: 2 weeks

1-year support

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Own redaction



per year


  • Services listed in the first two paragraphs
  • Adding articles
  • Adding editions
  • Assigning an article DOI


Deadline: 2 weeks

1-year support

Each issue requires up to 5 days

Make a request * price for the journals of up to 4 issues per year and up to 20 articles per journal

Journal Design

Appearance, refinement, logos


from / for design


  • Design Journal electronic version
  • Logo, the appearance of the printed version
  • Change the appearance of the log control panel
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Creation, alteration


from / per module


  • Change log authorization mode
  • Adding payment modules
  • Automatic invoicing for payment
  • Add / change statuses for peer reviewed articles
  • Download additional documents
  • Integration with other systems
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Social networks

Facebook, ResearchGate, LinkedIn




  • Registration of a journal profile in social networks
  • Content Creation
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Paid posting


from / per month


  • All services listed in the first paragraph
  • Development of targeting advertising in social networks
  • Advertising campaign
  • Promotion in social networks
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Search for authors

Search authors for your journal


per month


We will find authors in popular scientific social networks whose interests are similar to the scope of your journal, and offer them to place their articles in your scientific journal.

We provide a report on the work done with the name of the authors to whom we wrote and the answers from them.

Our developed algorithms allow you to get a high response rate from the authors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Premium Support?

We can fully manage the creation and maintenance of your journal.

How to fix errors?

All faults and problems are eliminated using the OJS coding standards, which means that we will strive not to change the core of the system, but to do this as a separate module. If the error is made by third-party programmers, we will use the test platform so that you can see the introduced changes and apply them to the journal’s website.

What are the minimum requirements for premium support?

In the case of the help package, we will charge a prepayment of 50%. In the case of periodic services, we charge a payment of 100%.

What exactly do you mean by 24 hours?

Guaranteed response time up to 24 hours means that our team will return to any of your questions within 24 hours, except for weekends and holidays. Remember that it can sometimes take more than 24 hours to fix a problem, but in this case you will be notified.

What versions of OJS are supported?

We support all publicly available OJS versions.

How does the support work?

All support is provided via email at

How do you report that the work is finished?

Having finished the job, we will send you a report with the files that we changed.

How does the price request work?

If you need help, you can fill out our form and get an offer. We need you to provide as much information as possible about the problem. Immediately after this, we will contact you by phone, viber, skype and discuss the details.

How do I share my site?

To solve your problems, we will need your log system administrators and FTP credentials. Once we are done, you can change your security credentials.